The Biggest Obstacles to Business Success

The Biggest Obstacles to Business Success
Many people dream of starting their own business, not everyone takes the plunge and many face that 50 percent of new businesses will fail within five years.

Here are the biggest psychological impediments to entrepreneurial success:
1. Perfectionism
2. Fear - Entrepreneurs’ resolve is tested from the very first step of starting a business.
3. Worry

Entrepreneurs Tips to Keep Moving Forward
1. Set goals.
2. Don’t fear failure.
3. Take risks.
4. Don't settle.
5. Seek a mentor.

The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People
Myths of success that hold back from becoming very successful.
Myth 1: Successful people say, "If I can fit it in, I should fit it in."
Myth 2: Successful people sleep four hours a night.
Myth 3: Successful people think play is a waste of time.
Myth 4: Successful people are the first ones to jump in with an answer.
Myth 5: Successful people focus on what the competition is doing.